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Lower the Bar, Then Light It

“The Libyan people are nothing, if not a resilient people.” “There is a dignity in these Somalies.  Desperate, starving, they keep their dignity even in their darkest hour.” Which of the world’s peoples are not resilient and or dignified? The … Continue reading

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In Our Bedroom After the War

Wake up! Say good morning to that sleepy person lying next to you If there’s no one there, then there’s no one there, but at least the war is over             Stars, from “In Our … Continue reading

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So Far, The Worst Conversation of My Life

I gathered the children in the living room, late in the afternoon; we had something important to tell them. My 10-year-old daughter blurted out, “Is mom pregnant?” “No….” answered their mother and continued on and said what needed to be … Continue reading

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