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Separation/Divorce Agreement Part II — Your Child’s Future in 500 Words or Less

So here’s your child’s upbringing as brought to you by a standard divorce agreement: S/he go to school S/he on sport teams S/he go on a few trips S/he go to university Once completed university they are no longer childrenand … Continue reading

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Separation/Divorce Agreement — Part 1

After all the schisms, projectile crockery, navel gazing eventually you have to come to a contractual agreement.  You have to break-up the partnership and put it all down on paper. You think you sign your life away to a mortgage?  … Continue reading

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Pavlov’s Dog Rips Freud A New One or On Unruly Digestion and That Thang

If there has been one great comfort in the trials of the past year, it’s confirming the fallacy that lies at the heart of classic psychology. Needless to say, I have neither the resources nor the professional wherewithal to carry out research, … Continue reading

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Communication, Intent and Loose Wings

My stomach is churning, palms sweaty. I try to not look. And then I make myself look so that I don’t feel so cowardly. It is my dining room table.  I’m talking to my wife. We are talking civilly.  It … Continue reading

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The Tell – Part 1

Crisis tends to bring out the essentials of what it means to be human and what it means to be the specific human being you are.  The communication of crisis, the urge to share the crisis and the urge to … Continue reading

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Honest, Some of My Best Friends Are Lawyers

When basic human interaction is swamped in bile.  When the person who is sitting across from you has been warped beyond recognition by countless semi-translucent layers of painful memories.   When all hope has been bled. When even the most basic … Continue reading

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Sun, Sand Surf and Suffering

(NB.  I wrote this and the next couple of entries while in a resort in Cuba.  However I did not have Internet access there so have only posted them now.  Thus the discrepancies in the dates being referred to.) While … Continue reading

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Sympathy on the Level

  While packing this evening, with no kids around, we started talking the Leaver and I. It got emotional but in a good way.  There was alcohol to help break down some barriers but it didn’t go to extremes.  Just … Continue reading

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