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Avalanche Spotting

(NB.  I wrote this and the next couple of entries while in a resort in Cuba.  However I did not have Internet access there so have only posted them now.  Thus the discrepancies in the dates being referred to.) I’m … Continue reading

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Sympathy on the Level

  While packing this evening, with no kids around, we started talking the Leaver and I. It got emotional but in a good way.  There was alcohol to help break down some barriers but it didn’t go to extremes.  Just … Continue reading

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Cuba — Vive La Reconstruction

So tomorrow we’re off to Cuba for a week. Wierd- huh? The Leaver’s mother booked this trip to Cuba for us a week before the Leaver gave me the news and decided that that was, proverbially, that. So now we … Continue reading

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