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Separation/Divorce Agreement — Part 1

After all the schisms, projectile crockery, navel gazing eventually you have to come to a contractual agreement.  You have to break-up the partnership and put it all down on paper. You think you sign your life away to a mortgage?  … Continue reading

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I Need a Girlfriend

“Isn’t a bit early?”  my sister ventured. “hell no.” We were talking about dating.  But to be honest, notwithstanding what I said to my sister, dating holds little attraction for me.  I wouldn’t mind skipping all of that and getting … Continue reading

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More Advice to Leaver

Continuing the previous posts here are some humble suggestions for any Leaver and I emphasize any.  Many of these the Leaver in my particular case has followed, others she hasn’t and others, she has adopted with time.  On the whole … Continue reading

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Probation and a Plate of Cookies — Advice for Leaver Parents

Dear Leaver’s Everywhere. Going through this whole thing — and acknowledging that this whole thing will never end — I’ll throw some dashes into the run on sentence that is life and string together a few observations on what are … Continue reading

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Divorce, Christmas Cards and Schrodinger’s Cat

Part of the process is accepting that the Leaver is right.  She was right about everything that was wrong between us, how I was the cause of so much of her misery, that I kept her hemmed in, that we … Continue reading

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Communication, Intent and Loose Wings

My stomach is churning, palms sweaty. I try to not look. And then I make myself look so that I don’t feel so cowardly. It is my dining room table.  I’m talking to my wife. We are talking civilly.  It … Continue reading

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Apportioned Parenting — The Ripoff

No matter what I do that I know will be hurtful to her, and no matter how much I find hurtful in what the Leaver says and does I still can’t get over a deep, over-abiding sense of pity. Now … Continue reading

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