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The Tell – Part 1

Crisis tends to bring out the essentials of what it means to be human and what it means to be the specific human being you are.  The communication of crisis, the urge to share the crisis and the urge to … Continue reading

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Lower the Bar, Then Light It

“The Libyan people are nothing, if not a resilient people.” “There is a dignity in these Somalies.  Desperate, starving, they keep their dignity even in their darkest hour.” Which of the world’s peoples are not resilient and or dignified? The … Continue reading

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Krispy Kreme Anger Burgers

It’s just like AAARGh!…. And then she…  ooooooooo! And I can’t believe that!  With the stuff??!  Then!!!!  What the hell was she thinking??? When I had my wisdom teeth yanked many years ago, I remember taking the pain meds for … Continue reading

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What’s Worked — Vanity, Three Chords and A Dream

A bit before the demolition began openly and in earnest I had set a goal of losing weight and I picked up my guitar.  Distractions that were escapes and life lines to the corporeal.  It is easy to get trapped … Continue reading

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Sympathy on the Level

  While packing this evening, with no kids around, we started talking the Leaver and I. It got emotional but in a good way.  There was alcohol to help break down some barriers but it didn’t go to extremes.  Just … Continue reading

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