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The God is in the Guitar

Home. Living room, sofa. What a gift the guitar. And it really is a gift that I received, at the time when I was young much to my chagrin really. I didn’t practice much then, and not surprisingly I’m really … Continue reading

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Herb, Les, Opus and Me

I work in an industry that is dominated by women and I’m in sales and marketing.  As a consequence, I interact with women on a professional basis all the time. Last week was not atypical, when I was running an … Continue reading

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Livin’ the Dream without Jet Packs or Tube Food

For someone who was born in the 1840’s and lived seventy years, the world of their adult life was almost completely unrecognizable compared to the one of their childhood.  We think we live in a period of monumental change but … Continue reading

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Apportioned Parenting — Can you Dig It?

First couple of weeks of September, first two weeks of school: Breakfast, lunches, dinners and much culinary improvising. Birthday party. Freezing and eight year old’s warts. Bizzarre (honestly, very bizzarre) taxman panic. Cold, cold sore and a migrane. Footwear and … Continue reading

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The Tell – Part 1

Crisis tends to bring out the essentials of what it means to be human and what it means to be the specific human being you are.  The communication of crisis, the urge to share the crisis and the urge to … Continue reading

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Lower the Bar, Then Light It

“The Libyan people are nothing, if not a resilient people.” “There is a dignity in these Somalies.  Desperate, starving, they keep their dignity even in their darkest hour.” Which of the world’s peoples are not resilient and or dignified? The … Continue reading

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Krispy Kreme Anger Burgers

It’s just like AAARGh!…. And then she…  ooooooooo! And I can’t believe that!  With the stuff??!  Then!!!!  What the hell was she thinking??? When I had my wisdom teeth yanked many years ago, I remember taking the pain meds for … Continue reading

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