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Welcome All! We’re Serving Pity Turducken, This Year!

“How did that happen!?”Asked my sister And rather more pointedly  “Why are you spending Christmas with her!” from my girlfriend. By the context and the gratuitous use of exclamation marks you may well have already surmised that the personal pronoun … Continue reading

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Separation/Divorce Agreement — Part 1

After all the schisms, projectile crockery, navel gazing eventually you have to come to a contractual agreement.  You have to break-up the partnership and put it all down on paper. You think you sign your life away to a mortgage?  … Continue reading

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We (Wii?) Made It

Barry Manilow references aside, and all my screaming spider senses that say don’t pat yourself on the back, don’t say anything, you’ll jinx it (hopefully cancelled out by by me saying to the kids as they marched off to their … Continue reading

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Herb, Les, Opus and Me

I work in an industry that is dominated by women and I’m in sales and marketing.  As a consequence, I interact with women on a professional basis all the time. Last week was not atypical, when I was running an … Continue reading

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Arggh, Sigh, Whew. Repeat.

The Leaver took my son out to a movie so my soon to be eleven year old daughter and I sit over coffee and tea at the local cafe. Occasionally, rarely, parenting genius strikes.  Take note, Bill Cosby (or whoever … Continue reading

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Livin’ the Dream without Jet Packs or Tube Food

For someone who was born in the 1840’s and lived seventy years, the world of their adult life was almost completely unrecognizable compared to the one of their childhood.  We think we live in a period of monumental change but … Continue reading

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How many size sixes can there be? There is something that suggests the absolute when you think size.  The point is to create a standard to which a foot conforms that crosses apparel– socks, shoes, boots genre — running, dress, … Continue reading

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Apportioned Parenting — The Ripoff

No matter what I do that I know will be hurtful to her, and no matter how much I find hurtful in what the Leaver says and does I still can’t get over a deep, over-abiding sense of pity. Now … Continue reading

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Apportioned Parenting — Can you Dig It?

First couple of weeks of September, first two weeks of school: Breakfast, lunches, dinners and much culinary improvising. Birthday party. Freezing and eight year old’s warts. Bizzarre (honestly, very bizzarre) taxman panic. Cold, cold sore and a migrane. Footwear and … Continue reading

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The Tell – Part 1

Crisis tends to bring out the essentials of what it means to be human and what it means to be the specific human being you are.  The communication of crisis, the urge to share the crisis and the urge to … Continue reading

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